Today a terrible event occurred in Boston resulting in the death of at least 3 individuals, including an 8 year old.  I just wanted to say that my thoughts and condolences go out to all those effected by this horrific act.


Cold Dead Hand

Ok, some of you may know that recently, Jim Carrey put out a little video mocking the US Gun Culture - http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/0433b30576/cold-dead-hand-with-jim-carrey - Fox went ballistic over it retaliated on their The Five show which resulted in Jim Carrey issuing his own statement, etc etc.  Now what I find funny are the average people who have taken such offence to this video, claiming that they own a gun to protect their loved ones / belongings or because the 2nd amendment gives them the right to bear arms.

Ok, couple problems here;

Protecting oneself.  Just as locks only protect you from honest people, the same goes for guns.  Lets say I’m a criminal and think you might have a gun, gee, maybe I should get a bullet proof vest, you can shoot me and then I can shoot you back and take your stuff.  It’s no different than the cold war, the US had nukes so the USSR had to have more  nukes, so the US have to make their nukes even more destructive, etc etc etc.  It never ends.  I’m not saying don’t protect your stuff, but just expect that the criminals will come up with ways to get around you having a gun, or guns.

Now as for the 2nd amendment, wiki has this to say about it

Early English settlers in America viewed the right to arms and/or the right to bear arms and/or state militias as important for one or more of these purposes (in no particular order):
- enabling the people to organize a militia system.
- participating in law enforcement;
- deterring tyrannical government;
- repelling invasion;
- suppressing insurrection, allegedly including slave revolts;
- facilitating a natural right of self-defense;

Militia, how many people in the US ow a gun and are part of a militia, way way way less than just own a gun

Law Enforcement, how many people in the US own a gun and are part of law enforcement, way way way less than just own a gun

Deterring tyrannical government - uhm yeah, good luck with that, I don’t care if you own 1 gun, 10 guns or 100 guns, the government has more and unfortunately for you, theirs are better

Repelling invasion - I don’t really think anyone plans on invading the US, and those who are in a position to do so (Mexico and Canada) never would

Suppressing insurrection - I think Joe has a great chance of stopping (insert state, city, town, village here) from leaving the union all on his lonesome with his two Desert Eagle pistols as most people just don’t give a crap and probably wouldn’t help out Joe, and those that did, would still be too small to be effectual.  The only group that wouldn’t be ineffectual is the government and we might just run into #3 above, perhaps the group leaving thinks the government is tyrannical.

Self Defense - Again we run into the catch 22 that if everyone has a gun, someone is just going to up the ante and bring something else such as a bullet-proof vest, to the party, and so on and so on.


Job Hunt

It is Mar 25th, 2013. Let the hunt for a new job commence. Also, going to try making more regular posts here as well to keep things more up to date.

Today at 4th ave and 3rd street, most of the food trucks in Calgary conglomerated to raise money for the fight against cancer.  This was taken looking south from the line for Alley Burger.  Speaking of which, my first one and all I can say is YUM!

Today at 4th ave and 3rd street, most of the food trucks in Calgary conglomerated to raise money for the fight against cancer. This was taken looking south from the line for Alley Burger. Speaking of which, my first one and all I can say is YUM!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Overreaction and the 9/11 anniversary

So, I was just reading an article about a woman of Arab/Jewish decent who was pulled off a plane yesterday due to what it appears in the colour of her skin (Blog).  At least one site, the new york based Channel 6 News, is reporting that passengers became concerned when “two men and a woman seated in the same row repeatedly went to the plane’s bathroom and spent a long amount of time there”.  This directly contradicts the woman’s story.  What she told police and homeland security officers was “ I didn’t get up at all, read, slept and played on my phone (in airplane mode, don’t worry).”  Who has the facts straight here?  WHO CARES, it doesn’t really matter.  If it had been two white guys and a white woman going to the bathroom, nobody would have said boo, I bet someone would have cheered.  9/11 was a horrific event, one I hope never repeats itself.  But being of middle-eastern descent is NOT a crime and should not bring about fear and suspicion.  Unfortunately, these days it does and I feel bad for them because most of them are ordinary folks just like you and I (I’m a white Canadian btw).  But lets look at the facts, since the late 1800’s there have been quite a few acts of terrorism. Some of you may dispute what makes these acts of terror over something else, in which case I invite you to look at a previous post of mine from right after the recent Norway attacks (Terrorism).  Here are just some of the terrorist groups to have operated in the past 150 years;

Narodnaya Volya
Hunchakian Revolutionary Party
Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization
Irish Republican Army
Muslim Brotherhood
Front de Liberation National
Front de libération du Québec
Provisional IRA
Ulster Defence Association (UDA)
Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF)
Red Army Faction
Italian Red Brigade
Japanese Red Army
Tamil Tigers
Egyptian Islamic Jihad
East Turkestan Liberation Organization
Aum Shinrikyo
Chechnyan Separatists

Looking at this list, we’ve got pretty much every nationality represented.  Middle Easterns, Caucasians, Asians, etc etc etc. So, who should you trust, anyone can be a potential terrorist. People need to start using their brains and not immediately thinking every little action is a potential threat. Living in fear is a terrible way to live. 


Mentally disabled man robbed of his epic Superman collection

Ok, I saw this article on BoingBoing earlier today.  It seems that some asshole stole a fairly valuable collection of Superman comics and other collectibles from a mentally disabled individual.  According to the story Mike Meyer, the victim, was befriended by an individual named Gary. According to Mike he worked with Gary at a Hardee’s on Madison Ave in Granite City, back in 1991.  Currently there are no Hardee’s on Madison Ave in that city.  Now according to Mike, Gary asked him if he still collected Superman items and if he could see his collection.  Eventually Mike let him see the collection. The next night, Gary came back, this time bringing his “girlfriend” with the ruse of having here watch a Superman movie with Mike. During that time, Mike disappeared for a while, and it was two days later when Mike discovered he had been robbed.  Unfortunately, Mikes description of Gary is fairly vague; dark hair, a goatee, is about 35 and drives a silver or gray car.

If you live in Granite City, do you know someone that could be a huge asshole like this.  Someone who would be willing to take advantage of a mentally disabled person the the step of stealing their life long collection.  This person needs to be found and punished.


Conan The Barbarian

Ok, I went and saw this movie over the weekend, knowing before hand that it hasn’t been getting the best reviews anywhere on the internet, with an average rating of 3.9/10 on RottenTomatoes. So, I went in knowing full well that it could turn out to be a complete turd.  Guess what, I disagree with the overall feeling of the reviews.  Sure, it’s not a Shakespearean drama, or anything that could be considered Oscar worthy, but guess what, IT’S CONAN THE BARBARIAN.  I had one expectation when I went to see it, that’s lots of violence with sharp edged implements of cutting, hacking, and stabbing.  The movie did not disappoint.  My biggest complaint about the movie, is Hollywood’s insistence to do things in 3D, especially in this case.  It added nothing to the movie, in fact I found it distracting.  IMO, the best 3D effect in the entire movie is during the closing credits when the embers from the fire are floating around, it was a good effect, simple, but good.  Everything else was complete crap as far as the 3D effects go.  Hollywood needs to stop making everything 3D, or at least give us the option to have the 2D version available to watch.  Right now, at my nearby theaters that show current movies, of the 2 closest, there are 7 3D movies playing, and only 1 of those has a non-3D option, and that’s Harry Potter.  Does Glee need to be 3D?  How about Fright Night?  In fact of all the movies playing, the only one I can see getting some sort of benefit from 3D, is Final Destination 5 and even that is pushing things.  Hollywood really needs to back off the 3D, or at least make it worthwhile.  If I’m going to pay extra for 3D glasses that are apparently single use, since you get a new pair each time, even though you last pair is probably perfectly fine, then I better get a 3D experience that’s worth the extra $$$ I just paid.

Ahhhhh summer

Ahhhhh summer

About to see my first drive-in movie in about 30 (or more) years.  Harry Potter followed by Horrible Bosses

About to see my first drive-in movie in about 30 (or more) years. Harry Potter followed by Horrible Bosses

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